Solo 100

A platform for change


The earth is now in uncharted territory and our youth are demanding a voice to create change.

Over 100 days Mark Wood will venture on the vast cold wilderness of the arctic ocean in one of the worlds last uncharted crossings of the remaining sea ice. This single journey will promote/provide a platform for the next generation to express their opinions on and ideas for environmental change.

100 Voices

Never underestimate the power that an individual has to make great change.

Through 100 striking and authentic videos, students from around the world will discuss climate change in their region and their thoughts on what can change. Each day of Mark Wood’s epic crossing a film will be uploaded encouraging immediate action.

Beneath the ice

SOLO 100 plays the central part of a major documentary about the reality of modern day exploration and how Mark links his journeys into the extremes with global education.

A documentary from the acclaimed directors of Icarus, Before The Flood and The Beatles - 8 Days a Week.

Beneath the Ice is being created by our long term film production partners Dustoff Films, Oscar and Academy award winning documentary company Diamond Docs, and acclaimed actor Tom Hardy’s UK production company Hardy, Son and Baker.

  • Dustoff Films
  • Diamond Docs
  • Hardy Baker and Son
A world's last

Alone for 100 days covering over 1850km of unstable sea ice crossing the most hostile and unforgiving environment on the planet.

In average temperatures of minus 40, strong polar winds and with no human contact - and then there is the added danger of polar bears.

With the unpredictability of the constantly shifting sea ice this is the toughest journey on earth that is being classed together as a world first and a worlds last.

Distance in km - 1850
Number of steps - 1,203,475
Weight of sledge - 185kg
Cooker fuel carried - 50 litres
Hot meals eaten / carried - 300
Tea bags - 400
Calories burnt per day - 6,000 to 8,000
Calories absorbed per day - 5,450
Polar bears within the arctic ocean region - 20,000 to 25,000
An explorer's legacy

35 major expeditions over 18 years covering over 10,000 kms of polar ice and connecting with 1 million children in 34 different countries.

Mark’s passion is encouraging students to think differently about life and inspiring a commitment to our planet’s future. Mark is one of the top 5 educators via Skype in the world.

1 UK school
Geomagnetic North Pole expedition
60 UK schools
Our World - Canadian Arctic expedition
500 UK schools
North/South pole solo expedition
10,000 students worldwide
Mount Everest ascent
10,000+ students worldwide via International Scouting Movement
Geomagnetic North Pole expedition
1 million students
Expedition 8848 - Mount Everest ascent
A vast global community of change makers
Solo 100
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